20th May

After 11 days of hard work the garden is finally finished! We are so proud of it and we both agree that out of all the RHS Gardens we have created this is our favourite.

 I’m writing this blog on my phone as we are driving back home from London in the truck so forgive me for any grammatical mistakes; we’re exhausted. 

The garden was initially assessed and judged this afternoon with the final judging panel coming around to the garden tomorrow and medals will be announced 7am Tuesday morning. Fingers crossed! We had the opportunity to give a 2 minute presentation to the judges just before the initial assessment and let them know if anything had changed or if there was anything else that they should be aware of.  All went very well. 

We try not to think about medals too much. We think that this is the best that we can do and as long as we raise awareness for World Horse Welfare and help improve the lives of horses in this country and overseas then we are happy. Can’t wait for the charity to see the garden, do hope they like it!

The garden seems to be getting lots of attention and lots of great comments. 

Today we’re been adding finishing touches, such as adding our famous horseshoes to the stream, storing our brochures that we will be giving out at the Show and general watering and tidying up. We did have a little worry this morning when we found dirty fox footprints all over our carved anniversary stone but then this is a wildlife friendly garden. Hopefully Mr Fox won’t take up residence and trash the garden! 

Early start again tomorrow as we’re got a couple of BBC radio interviews to do and then from tomorrow night we re-locate to a hotel in London so that travelling to the Show each day will be easier.

Here’s a few photos:

See you after press day!..

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